Dinner Menu


Chicken Satay ( $8.95 )
Grilled chicken on skewers, marinated in coconut milk-turmeric, and served with peanut sauce.

Fried Rolls ( $6.95 )
Deep fried cabbage, carrot, onion, taro root, glass noodles wrapped, served with Manaao sweet and sour sauce

Thai Crab ( $6.95 )
Deep-fried stuffed cream cheese, imitation crab meat serve with sweet dipping sauce

Crispy Coconut Calamari ( $10.95 )
Egg yolk, dried coconut breaded calamari strips crisp fried served with sweet chili sauce.

Golden Tofu  ( $8.95 )
Deep fried tofu in sweet and sour tamarind sauce, and topped with crispy basil.

Shrimp Blanket  ( $8.95 )
Deep fried marinated shrimp wrapped in egg roll wrapper served with sweet chili sauce.

Fresh Salad Rolls ( $8.95 )
(choice of shrimp or tofu)
Rice vermicelli noodles, mix greens, cucumber, carrots wrapped with rice wrapper served with peanut sauce.

Avocado Fresh Rolls ( $8.95 )
Fresh avocado, mix greens, rice vermicelli noodles, cucumber, carrots wrapped with rice wrapper served with peanut sauce and plum sauce. Add shrimp $3.00


Tom Yum   spicy soup mushroom, lemongrass, tomato, kaffir lime leaves, onion, and galangal.

Tom Kha   spicy coconut milk soup with young coconut meat, mushroom, onion, tomato, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and galangal.


Papaya Salad  ( $8.95 )
Shredded green papaya, green bean, tomato, carrot, tossed in lime dressing.

Manaao Salad  ( $9.95 )
Choice of BBQ chicken breast or crispy tofu, tossed with mix greens, onion, tomato,cucumber, carrot, and house dressing.

Salmon Salad   ( $15.95 )
Deep-fried salmon, mixed greens, avocado, onion, tomato and mango creamy sauce.

  Pla Koong  ( $12.95 )
Grilled shrimps with Manaao spicy lime dressing, cashew nut and mixed with green & onions.

  Yum Woonsen  ( $11.95 )
Glass noodles with shrimp, chicken and vegetables with spicy lime dressing.

  Manaao Entrée

 Tom Yum Noodle Soup
Your choice of meat, rice noodles, lemongrass, galangal, onion, bean sprout, peanuts, and dried shrimp in spicy and sour soup.

 Curry Noodle Soup
Your choice of meat, rice noodles, broccoli, carrot, cabbage, and onion in yellow curry broth.

Pad Thai
Your choice of meat stir-fried with rice noodles, egg, tofu, shallots, sweet turnip, bean sprouts, topped with peanut and lime wedge.

Pad See Ew
Your choice of meat stir-fried, flat rice noodles, egg and broccoli in sweet soy sauce.

 Drunken Noodles
Your choice of meat, stir-fried with flat rice noodles, tomato, bell pepper, onion, bean sprouts & basil leaves.

Thai Fried Rice
Your choice of meat pan fried with rice, egg, garlic, onion, and carrot & peas.

Basil Fried Rice
Your choice of meat pan fried rice with Thai chili, garlic, bell peppers, Thai basil leaves, and carrot & peas.

Pineapple Fried Rice
Your choice of meat pan fried rice with onion, curry powder, raisin, pineapple, cashew, raisins, and carrot & peas.

Sticky Fried Rice
Stir-fried your choice of meat, sticky rice with egg, garlic, onion, tomato, and carrot & peas.

Pad Eggplant
Stir-fried your choice of meat, eggplant with bell pepper, onion and basil leaves.

Pad Kaprow
Your choice of meat sautéed with yellow onions, bell pepper, green bean and fresh basil leaves.

Pad Prik Khing
Stir-fried your choice of meat in dried red curry paste with fresh green bean, bell pepper and kaffir lime leaves.

Pad Cashew Nuts
Stir-fried your choice of meat, cashews, bell pepper, mushroom, yellow onion, carrot and dried chili in chili paste.

Pad Garlic
Sautéed with fresh garlic, black pepper and green onions. Served on bed of vegetables.

Thai Praram
Sautéed spinach with fresh garlic and topped with peanut sauce.

Manaao’s Garden
Stir-fried assorted vegetables with house sauce.

 Red curry
Bamboo shoot, bell pepper and Thai basil with coconut milk.

Green curry
Young coconut meat, green bean, eggplant, and bell pepper and Thai basil in coconut milk.

Yellow curry
Yam, carrot, onion and yellow curry powder in coconut milk.

Panang curry
Bell pepper, kaffir lime leaves in red creamy in coconut milk.