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Back menu is introducing Homemade cooking style

 Larb Gai Samunprai ( $12.95 )
Chopped grilled chicken, onion, roasted rice powder and dressed wit lime juice, and topped with crispy Thai Herbs.

 Yum Nua ( $14.95 )
Sliced grilled beef steak tossed with onions, tomato, cucumber, roasted rice powder with Manaao chili lime dressing. Served on bed of mixed green.

BBQ Chicken ( $13.95 )
Sliced grilled herbal-marinated chicken on the bed of mixed vegetables,  and served with sweet chili sauce.

Moo Dad Deaw ( $13.95 )
Deep fried sun drying seasoned strips of pork and served with spicy lime sauce.

 Kaprow Moo Yang ( $13.95 )
Stir-fried sliced marinated pork, bell pepper, chili, onion, mushroom, string bean & Thai basil.

 Pla Pad Cha ( $14.95 )
Deep-fried Tilapia, stir-fried with garlic, kaffir lime leaves, young green pepper, onion, bell pepper, jalapeno and Thai basil leaves.

 Pla Nueng Manaao ( $13.95 )
Steamed white fish fillet cooked in Manaao spicy lime and garlic sauce, topped with slices of lime.

 Khua Kling ( $14.95 )
Pan fried tender ribs bell, pepper, kaffir lime leaves in southern-yellow-curry.

 Crying Tiger ( $14.95 )
Sliced marinated tender tri-tip steak with spicy basil dipping sauce.

 Pad Tom Yum Talay ( $16.95 )
stir-fried seafood in creamy tom yum chili paste, mushroom, tomato, onion, lemon grass, galangal, bell pepper and kaffir lime leaves.

Poonim Pad Pongkaree ( $15.95 )
deep-fried soft shell crab and stir-fried with curry powder, chili paste,egg, onion, tomato and bell pepper in coconut milk.


Cold Beverages:

Soft drink | Thai iced tea | Thai iced coffee| Hibiscus iced tea |Butterfly pea iced tea(magic tea)

Hot Beverages:

Hot tea


Mango sticky rice

Fried banana Coconut ice cream

Green tea ice cream

Coconut ice cream